Ignite The Fire Within Challenge

Ignite the Fire Within is a six week challenge to help you heal and release what no longer serves you. We will go through many different levels to assist you on your journey of becoming a Powerful Creator.
This life changing program provides you with six weeks of diving deep into all areas that may be holding you back and interrupting your manifestational abilities.

  • Week 1 - Train Your Mind, Create Your Life- learn the art of mind training and how you can quiet your mind and start activating the thoughts and beliefs around the life you want to live. The amount of peace that will flow over your entire life from this one practice is priceless!
  • Week 2 - Release Traumas and Old, Stuck Energy- this week will assist you in connecting and releasing the old energies that have kept you creating cycles that you no longer wish to live.
  • Week 3 - Exact Manifestation Process- you will learn the exact science and energy behind manifesting so you can begin to discover the Powerful Creator that you are!
  • Week 4 - Breaking Addiction to Emotions & Thoughts- a powerful teaching on breaking your addictions to emotions and anything else that is causing you to live a life that is less than your greatest potential.
  • Week 5 - Creating Joy & Freedom in Each Area of Your Life- this is an up level into everything you have been asking for. By aligning to the energies of joy and appreciation you will raise your vibration and place yourself in the receiving mode of your dreams.
  • Week 6 - Stepping Into Creator Confidence & Activating Abundance- this final week is about creating a strong foundation in all of the teachings and releasing any struggle you may have towards your ultimate success.

$1,397.00 USD

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