In this episode Goldyn takes a deep dive into the Chakra system and gives you a simplified understanding of the energy systems within your own body. She walks you through each chakra, what their energetic connection/color is and what you may experience if you have a particular blockage in your chakra. She gives you an in depth look at what may be occurring in your life and why you may be experience slow manifestation abilities and what to do about it. She shares resources and tools to help you experience your life at a deeper level and take your power back. If you would like to contact her about a transformation call for the The Ignite the Fire Within Challenge you may email her at livelifegoldyn@gmail to schedule a call. Also if you are interested in and have found value in this podcast, you can sign up to financially support Goldyn's work and receive bonus videos, give aways and a chakra release meditation here #chakras#chakrarelease#chakrablocked#chakra#healing#meditate #physicalsymptoms#spiritualsymptoms#uplevel#manifest#loa #manifestation#clearenergy#clearfield