Show Notes

We all experience traumas in life, and because it is a natural born mechanism to not deal with the traumatic event when it happens, we can have stored trauma energy within us that reeks havoc in our lives.  By going within and understanding the information Goldyn shares here you can heal the traumas and  no longer create lives in a cyclical nature. It is important to recognize what you have been through and identify with the beliefs that have been created as a result.  By following the exercises shared you can remove these energies from your body, your mind and your belief systems, which will enable you to no longer create from them.  You can take on a whole new identity and begin stepping into who you say you want to be.  It all begins on the inside and healing those energies that no longer serve you.  Goldyn also shares a way that you can support her podcast/youtube show and become a VIP member of the podcast which will entitle you to exclusive bonus episodes, guided meditations, emotional releases and activations.  Go to this link to subscribe