Show Notes

We have all lived some sort of trauma in our life experiences and it's time to heal!!  It's time to deal with the deep seated wounds that have caused you to live a life that is less than.  In this episode Goldyn shares her own personal story of how she came to her another layer of her healing through a recent illness.  She shares the exact process you can use to no longer allow abusers into your life and to take your power back on every front.  In the arena of abuse there is always an element where you may blame yourself or others for where you are in life.  It's important to take responsibility but not to spend you life in fault or misery over the past.  There is a forgiveness that needs to happen for yourself and others if you are ever going to truly shine your life's light and live your wholeness and brilliance.  This show will give you the realizations that you may need to move forward in life and no longer allow the past or those who have overstepped their boundaries to dictate your life experience any longer.  After doing the deep healing work you will find yourself in a new place of self-love, self-forgiveness and wholeness that will allow you to live your life through new eyes.