Show Notes

When it comes to relationships and the people around us it easy to feel that other people's energy is a huge conductor.  We can often give our power away to others by paying too much attention to the way they are feeling and taking their mood personally.  Because of this we often give our power away and live a life that feels beyond our control.  Growing up believing in victim mentality and that people are doing things to us is something we must peel back the layers to in order to heal and become something more.  The truth is everything and every person that comes to you is a reflection of what you have going on within unless you feel no emotional trigger to it. Throughout this episode Goldyn gives great information and tips on how to stay in alignment with your Highest Self and no longer allow others bad moods or emotional response become part of what shapes your life.  She dives deep into relationships and what we can learn from tuning our frequencies and beliefs to a higher state of appreciation, compassion and love instead of dropping our vibration and matching those who may be struggling.  Understanding that everyone has a journey and all emotions are valid is an important piece of allowing and supporting someone's growth and healing without making it about you.  Once we live lives that are free from assumptions and taking things personally we can be a beacon of light to others and actually raise their vibrations to our level instead of sinking to theirs.  This episode also includes some great information on expectations and letting people in your life off the hook by healing and coming from your wholeness.  When you are truly healed, whole and you feel worthy others will actually reflect that to you without any need for your agenda to be place on them or upset to be a part of your experience.  Another episode that aligns with this one is Episode 3 Alignment and Relationships If you would like to be a supporter of the show you can become a VIP member here