Show Notes

Join Goldyn & Patrick in this leading edge discussion of how to master your own life and reclaim your power after going through tough times.  Patrick is a retired Law Enforcement Officer and now works in the field of mental health with first responders at FHE Health in their Shatterproof program for First Responders.  After retiring from Law, losing a loved one and going through a dark time,  Patrick shares the immense benefit to reaching out and how being vulnerable in our journey led him to living a much more joyful and peaceful life.  Patrick shares that reaching out to others that have found success and surrounding yourself with those of a higher vibration is the a great way to overcome challenge and remind you of who you truly are.  Clearing your life, or at least limiting the time you spend with those who are in misery and not ready to evolve is another great tip for successful living. They both share techniques they use to persevere through the toughest times in life and how to clear your life path of the things that are either holding you back or may be keeping you in a low vibrational energy that does not lead to manifesting. While the energetic needs time to break down and become matter,  many will get discouraged, lose faith and give up on what they desire.    It takes an allowing, inviting and believing to place yourself in the greatest receiving mode in life. You will want to listen to this whole show for the wisdom these two impart in a conversation between colleagues, friends, and mentors in a world that needs more hope, inspiration and success stories to tune into.  You can find Patrick and his Criminal Evolution work/podcast at  
Goldyn is super excited to share in the wisdom of others and what has allowed them to become more on this fantastic road called life.