Show Notes

In this episode you will learn the intricacies of manifestation through your very own spiritual and scientific experience.  Because we know we have the Laws of the Universe,  it is often easy to forget about the spiritual side of manifesting through our connection.  Goldyn shares seven very easy tips to fine tuning through your spiritual practices and ignited your connection to the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is.  Because we are spiritual beings having a human experience we can tap into energies and  wisdom that can make our manifestation game so much easier.  We are here to create, and when we call upon our Co-creative partnership and listen to our intuition we become that much more powerful than ever before.  Having a meditation practice is always key and then slowing down in life to begin allowing the energy to orchestrate,  is a big part of taking the cues from your inner and outer world.  If you would trust, have faith and know that all things are working out for you, you would become a much more powerful creator because of the energy you are emitting from.  It is our fear and lack of faith that slows down the field and tends to keep our manifestations from coming easily and much more miraculously.   Recognizing that you do have a journey of expansion and growth here is helpful in manifesting for your highest good.  When we don't get so locked into something having to manifest a certain way,  we free up the field to quickly deliver to us something even better than we could have imagined!