Show Notes

Do you have massive fear and anxiety around money?  Are you in a place where you feel there is never enough and you always feel broke?  Or do you feel pretty good about money but would like to know how to up level so you can create more?  We can often create misery over our money stories because we are still conducting from old beliefs that we grew up with.  Living a life that is filled with limitations and lack around money can create a life experience that consistently makes us feel less than what we are truly worthy of.  When you place all of your value on your bank account, you miss out on the truly value that you have to live a wonderful life.  By allowing money to create so much misery, fear, anxiety and worry in your life you are not allowing the flow of abundance that you could be creating.  Maybe you have an ok money story and you just want to tune into more.  Maybe you are tired of working your life sucking job and have a nagging feeling that there must be more joy to experience here. The greatest thing you can do to change your energy with money is to begin by changing your responses to the money you have already tuned into.  By feeling better energy about money, your bills,  and your spending , you can create the flow that will bring a feeling of peace, joy and freedom around money.   Join Goldyn during this life changing episode as she gives you real, tangible things you can do to let go of your old story and create a new story that will allow more money to flow to you.  Take part in her process that allows you to release energy and activates new, abundant energy for you to tune into.  This episode is super important to listen to, especially today, when we are in a wonderful position to create our own economies and take our power back on all fronts!!  Don't forget to revisit Episode 71, be sure to like,  subscribe and share here to learn the spiritual principles and the scientific principles to Manifestation  to create a stronger force field of manifesting!