Show Notes

In this episode Goldyn shares just what your fears are and how they may be holding you back.  She uses her own life examples to show you how to watch and feel the energy in your life so you can decide if it's just your mind keeping you safe and the same,  or if your guidance is really warning you not to do something.  When we look at our lives and all of the opportunities that call us  out of our comfort zones,  it's important to answer the call to the ones that activate feelings of overwhelment and excitement.  You will get a roadmap here to overcome your fears and truly begin to live the life you love.  Remember fear is false evidence appearing real so when you allow your fear to rule your life,  you will often experience a lot of disappointment and misery.  It's so much more fulfilling to say yes to life, to gain more knowledge,  and to allow your expansion and growth to fuel you!!  Getting out of your comfort zone and working through fear is one of the deepest ways we expand and grow.  It allows our faith to strengthen and shows us that when we leap the net does in fact appear.  We can often not move forward because of the uncertainty, so when we do actually take chances and move through the fear,  we are usually surprised and delighted by the synchronicities that show up for us.