Show Notes

In this episode Goldyn dives deep into the automatic behaviors and thoughts that drive the person you no longer wish to be.  She goes over the energy field and describes,  in many ways and great detail , how you can truly create change.  Identity creation is something that Goldyn has proven over and over again, so shares the  evidence that when you master these principles you master the creation process.  Becoming who you say you want to be, comes with the clarity of your current thought patterns and which behaviors may be working against the very new person you desire to be.  As Goldyn breaks this episode down into manifesting better for your body, your health, your finances and your relationships you can see the direct correlation in the process to create anything you have been wanting to manifest.  By interrupting thought patterns and your tendencies to always respond in the same way, you begin the process of charging the field of energy in a whole new direction. She even dives into addictions to emotions, substances and even our desires for drama so that we feel relevant and alive.  The deeper dive in this episode are things you may have heard before but explained in a way that allows you to ingest them and up level this wisdom into your own life experience.  This episode will infuse your life into a whole new energy field where you can literally shape shift into the new identity of the creations of what you have always wanted to become!!