Show Notes

Join Goldyn as she shares particular things you can do to become super conscious about what you are energetically putting out and how it is contributing to what you are experiencing.  Goldyn shares her daily process to placing her vibrational foundation in the highest and most optimal place for manifesting. She shares exactly why you may not be manifesting your desires and how to shift from doubt, anxiety and worry into a more powerful position of faith, trust, and manifesting.  This process will give you evidence of your alignment and help you to see exactly why things may not have manifested for you in the past.  This episode goes a little deeper in helping you let go of unhelpful belief systems of lack and begging an uncaring God to grant your wishes.  If you could choose how you think and what you believe why would you choose such a powerless position?  It's time to reclaim your position as a powerful creator and start connecting with the energy of I AM.  Goldyn shares some nuggets from Neville Goddard's book Infinite Potential and breaks down the ideas that we are truly all one, connected and an expression of the Infinite Intelligence of All That Is.  The energy transference from this episode is completely off the charts and will leave you jumping up and down.  Be sure to listen to the very end where Goldyn reads an inspirational channeling she did titled If You Only Knew!!