Show Notes

In this super special episode Goldyn shares all the different ways the Universe has your back.  She goes in great detail to the different ways you can witness the evidence of this orchestration and tune into a more miraculous journey.  Because you have a Co-Creative partnership with the Universe you are being led down many paths that are supported and designed for you.  When you up level on your spiritual path into faith and trust you get to feel the orchestrations at a visceral level.  Meaning they feel other worldly and like there is definitely an energy field here in play for you.  You are always loved, you are always supported and when you begin to live from that knowing,  you start to trust the path that you are on to greater lengths.  Join Goldyn as she activates your remembrance in being a powerful creator.  It's time to unblock yourself from the limitations and beliefs that you are not in the greatest position to fulfill your life's desires.  As you follow the leads, trust in the Universe and call on your Non-physical support team,  you open yourself up to so much awareness around the fact that there is much more in play than you can see with your eyes.  You begin to walk around faithfully and when things happen that are less than optimal,  you get excited to see what wonderful things are in store for you through your activation of desire.  Trust, believe and know the Universe has your back!!