Show Notes

This episode is packed with valuable information to help you not only understand the Laws of the Universe but also how to implement them most effectively.  By knowing and understanding what the laws are and how they work you become a more educated and powerful manifestor.  By knowing these powerful laws and being more mindful of them throughout your day, you are better able to create with the energy of them.  As we understand the Law of Vibration,  Law of Correspondence, Law of Attraction, Law of Inspired Action, Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Law of Compensation and the Law of Rhythm we can utilize the energy of them much more productively.  Goldyn shares her real life examples of how letting go and no longer being resistant to change can lead you on a wonderful journey to manifesting even more goodness in your life.  You may want to take notes on this one as she shares the the do's and dont's of these laws and how you may be tripping up your own flow!