Show Notes

In this episode Goldyn takes on the energy of cheating!  She describes what cheating and betrayal do to your foundation and why you may keep attracting these cycles into your life.  She gives you real, actionable steps to heal from cheating and reasons why you no longer want to live from these wounds.  Stay tuned throughout the show to get solid gold elements to your healing game and no longer allow your past experiences with cheating to undermine the relationships you are working to build and keep.  When you begin trusting those around you again, and foster a relationship with your inner self you begin to trust life to give you a whole and loving relationship that reflects the love of who you are.  You truly deserve a better life experience and when you fully realize that worthiness,  you will see evidence of it in your outside world. This is when others can reflect this love to you and create deeper,  more intimate connections because you are no longer shutting your heart down from fears.   To order Goldyn's new book Mindful Manifestation Secrets Daily Guide and Journal go here :