Show Notes

Wow!! This episode comes on the heels of Goldyn's time with Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton.  Some of the top Scientists in the world that have uncovered so much of the falsehoods we have been programmed to believe about our health and how to preserve it.   Goldyn dives into the nature of what actually makes you sick and creates pain within your body and how to raise your vibration and belief systems, so you are no longer subject to the victim mentality you have been led to buy into.  Goldyn shares products that can enhance your immune system and activities you can take part in to take your power back on all levels.  This is an empowering conversation that will allow you to create a stronger foundation in your beliefs that will allow you to create at your most optimal levels in body, mind, and spirit.  To sign up for Goldyn's latest course go to  The awesome product Goldyn shared is called Oxysilver Healthguard and the Doctor she referred to is Dr. Leonard Horowitz.  Be sure to stay tuned until the end where Goldyn shares a short exercise you can do to increase your immune system and activate well-being within your body, mind and spirit.