Show Notes

This episode will give you everything you need to know about manifesting your desires.  It doesn't matter if it has been years of working on a particular manifestation; listening to this show will allow you to have more awareness and clean up the belief systems that are working against you.  Goldyn shares the intricacies of new downloads she has received about the manifestation process.  When you become aware and in touch with what your beliefs truly are down deep, you can see which ones need to be let go of because they're blocking your manifestation process.   Our manifestation process is based on our signal and relationship with what we want to create.  Contemplating essential questions like "What is your relationship with manifesting?" This one question could be the catalyst to help you clear the beliefs that are standing in your way!!  If you would like to order Mindful Manifestation Secrets Daily Guide and Journal to create more clarity, you can order it here