Show Notes

This episode is fire!!  There is so much information to assist you in your manifestation game.  If you have had trouble manifesting a relationship this episode is for you.  If you have trouble manifesting abundance this is for you.  If you want to get better in your overall life at conducting the right thoughts and feelings to allow your desires to manifest, this is the show you want to listen to.  Goldyn shares lots of examples and reasons why you may be having a hard time creating the life you love.  She shares great suggestions on how to get yourself in alignment with those things you are looking to create and to stop blocking yourself from the full manifestation of your dreams.  The reality is,  if you just know about law of attraction it is often not enough.  Listen to this show to get the finer details and intricacies around the energetic world to allow your desires to actually become.  Goldyn shares many stories of how she stood in lack for years from her dreams and then realized she really needed to take a leap of faith to create the life she said she wanted.  Often times we must walk through fear and leave our comfort zones in order to truly live in the identity of who we say we want to be.  The trouble with that is our mind will often work to talk us out of doing those things outside of our comfort zone.  This is why a meditation practice is so important.  Meditation and quieting your mind allows you to tune more deeply into your intuition and helps you to bypass the mind's insistence to keep you safe and the same.  In order to take big leaps of faith you must be dialed into a strong connection to your Higher Self.  Whatever you are looking to manifest, even if you have had years of it not happening, can be created today through shifting your thoughts and aligning your energies with your dream life.  There is nothing that you can't be, do, or have and once you understand the Laws of the Universe (Check out Episode 44 for a detailed description on the Laws)  and your own contribution to it, you can uncover a world that allows you to realize your dreams and so much more!!  Throughout this episode, you will get many tools and tips to implement in your life, and believe it or not, many of them or just incremental shifts in your thinking and conducting.  Goldyn shares solid information on setting up your foundation for the day by starting with a gratitude practice, meditation practice and exercise to ensure you are in the highest vibration throughout the day.  It's important to keep yourself in the Higher Energy fields so that you can become the most powerful creator.  By taking yourself from always focusing on the problems and lack of your manifestation to feeling positive, powerful and in a Higher Vibration about your life and what's coming, you will create the passion and excitement that allows it all to manifest for you! #lawofattraction # manifest #manifestation #troublemanifesting #dreamscometrue