In this Amazing episode Goldyn shares how to read the energy field and gives you seven different signs you can follow to know you are on the right path. Have you had trouble making decisions? Do you want help in knowing what is the right one for you? Then this episode speaks volumes in becoming a co-creator in your life. In order to become our most powerful we must understand how to watch the energy field and get really good at watching the path's light up for us. The truth is we can never really fail or make a mistake because everything we choose is meant for our expansion and growth. As you get better and better about giving space to manifestation you will see the paths lighting up very clearly and decisions becoming so much easier. Goldyn shares what to do when things feel hard and how to become better at the patience needed to allow for the physical manifestation to occur. She shares many of her own life examples of how to manifest abundance, opportunities and miracles in your life to show yourself just how powerful you are. This conversation is absolutely key if you want to get better at manifesting and understanding that you are an integral part of the process of creating your life experience. Goldyn shares an activation of energy that could lead you to the excitement and passion of what you are looking to manifest so be sure to listen intently and maybe more than once. She references her show Discover These Surprising, Simple & Easy Life Hacks... that you can watch here and her show on Understanding the 12 Laws of the Universe to Master Your Frequency & Vibration that you can listen to here For more info on the Creator's Circle program you can go here Be sure to Like, Share & Subscribe and let's get this information out into the world!! #lawofattraction #manifesting #meditate #manifestingabundance #loa #abrahamhicks #manifestation #manifestations #mastery #everythingisenergy #quantumphysics #universallaw #universalforces #spiritual#empowerment#signs #miracles #manifestsigns #energy