This is a great episode to help you release old regretful energy. When we live in regrets we tend to energetically connect with that energy and because of that we keep creating from it. The energy of regret is sadness and disappointment and because of that we may be tuning ourselves into more reasons to feel those low vibe emotions. By dragging the past around and feeling negative energy towards ourselves about it, we hold ourselves in a pattern of self critical energies that don't allow us to fully move forward. By living in regrets about the past, we can't fully be present and create a better future. Goldyn goes over the different ways we can live from regret and the ways we can release it so we can create anew. She shares a different perspective on regrets and sheds a light on seeing our past mistakes, hurts and traumas in a way that could serve us so much better. All regrets can lead us to more, more clarity, stronger desires and a determination to do better. By recognizing all that has happened has actually benefitted our expansion and growth. Because of that we can let go of the negative story around our past and see it in a fresh new light. By connecting with the belief that "We did the best we could with what we knew at the time." We let ourselves and others off the hook of negative creating. We are all expanding and growing and life is giving us more reasons to do that by all that we live. As we experience more life we wake up, heal from our traumas and give ourselves the greatest potential to become more. It is through our challenges that we learn to persevere becoming stronger and allow our faith to grow. Goldyn mentions Episode 30 where she shares how to no longer be a people pleaser so you no longer live from the energy of guilt and putting your own dreams last. The youtube link for that show is If you are interested in following your dreams and activating your creativity join Goldyn's group here #lawofattraction #meditate #journal #loa #abrahamhicks #regret #release #manifestation #manifest #universallaw #manifesting #heal #trauma #manifesting #letgo #resistance #