These are the top ten things you need to know to up your manifestation game. There are intricacies in the energy field that may be causing you to block your abilities to create. This episode will help you uncover where you may tripping up the manifestation energy towards your desires. There are many ways we can hold ourselves apart and when we become more aware of the energy we are conducting, we can take hold of our greatest potential. By understanding Quantum Physics, the nature of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings we can live lives that are truly of our own creation. Learn how to manifest abundance, a relationship, a business, or how to follow your dreams by listening to this awesome episode. Goldyn is always excited to share what has transformed her life and enabled her to manifest amazing things that helped her live her dreams. As you listen to this episode you will get real, true steps to foster a path for yourself toward whatever it is you are looking to manifest. You also have many opportunities to partner with Goldyn in her new Creator's Circle where she will assist you in creating the creative endeavor of your dreams or her new group launching soon that will take you through the very basics of manifesting and becoming a super power manifestor. Email here at livelifegoldyn@gmail to save a spot or join her Creative's circle now!! #lawofattraction #manifest #manifestabundance #manifestmoney #loa #universallaw #createyoureality #manifestation #manifestlove #identity #identitycreation