This episode is not one to miss!!! Disclaimer: If you are one of our children you may want to skip this one!! LOL Even if you are not in a partnership right now this could be a great show to provide perspective in clarifying what you DO want to create. If you are in a partnership, this episode will give you some great new ways of looking at your sexual relationship and how to truly improve your partnership creating more of a frequency of team work. Goldyn's special guest gives great advise to the men out there and how they could use a call to a deeper responsibility in doing their very best for their families and partners. Ladies, you may want to send this to your partner!! The biggest misconception about sex is that it's dirty and something we should be ashamed of and hide. The truth is sex is sacred. It is pure cosmic energy and provides a direct connection to Divine Energy. Sex is a core function of humanity and it plays a huge role in our life force and vitality. It helps us to feel worthy, desirable and is actually a part of the intense, universal force that can merge our spirits with our bodies. When sex is considered in this way it changes the very nature of it from a very lustful desire to something that in its very nature becomes a spiritual connection. This conversation is one that goes DEEP into the mechanisms of our relationships and how to create one's that feel more joy filled and satisfying. If you are married, in a partnership or even single and desiring this to be what you are looking to manifest, this show will absolutely help enlighten you and clarify a way to live that allows more love in. We are all truly worthy of love, pleasure, and the sacredness that sex and healing that can transpire from creating a healthier relationship with your sexual partner and the intimacy you grow together. This quote shared on the show by the Mystic Thomas Merton sums up the intention of this message beautifully "Properly understood, sexual union is an expression of deep personal love and a means to the deepening, perfecting, and sanctifying of that love." If you are interested in working with Goldyn in her Creator's Circle or being part of the new M21 Revolution challenge you can email her at livelifegoldyn@gmail for more info!! Also stay tuned for new program launching July 11, which will teach the foundations of Universal Law and creating your own reality!! #sex #relationships #marriage #partnerships# healthysexlife #manifest #love#sacredsex #lawofattraction #manifestinglove #sexualhealing #soulmates #betterrelationships #improveyourmarriage