This episode is an absolute game changer! If you truly want to understand the fine tuning process in manifesting, this show will enlighten you to so much! When we first come upon information about Universal Law it is an important part of the process to be a more superficial manifester. As we grow, process and become more, we start to realize the depth of our dreams. Fulfillment becomes something that becomes more important than just making money and because of that we can start creating from a different energy. When our energy shifts and our responses change, we tune into allowing and receiving. Realizing that we are part of a co-creative partnership that is orchestrating in our favor, is one that instills in us the trust and faith we need to activate the energy field. We can't just sit around and hope and pray for things to come to us all while feeling misery and full of doubt. The reason for this is, it slows down the energy and doesn't lend to our preparedness. Working from the understanding of identity creation we start to prepare ourselves for the skills needed to truly live our dreams. The process of activating the energy in the field of all potentials begins and soon enough the synchronicities and opportunities that come our way cannot be discounted as anything less than miracles and manifestations! Join Goldyn as she shares real, true, and solid ways to prepare the energy field to live your greatness!! #lawofattraction #manifestation #manifesting #followyourdreams #universallaw #dreamscometrue #identitycreation #meditate #mindfulness #abrahamhicks #appreciation #joy #faith #frequency #energy