Loneliness is an epidemic in our world more than ever before. We have disconnected as a society by giving ourselves a false sense of connection through our devices. When we lose human contact, we can feel loneliness like never before. In this episode, Goldyn discusses how loneliness is often connected to an internal wound that we are being invited to heal. She gives real strategies to overcome loneliness so you can manifest the love that your heart desires. The key is letting go of the past and deciding what you want for your future. Journaling, meditating, and releasing the old beliefs that have created a life of loneliness for you are paramount to your healing journey. You must become that which you seek. If you want more love you must be more love. Goldyn shares questions that will help you connect with the beliefs that are keeping you in lonely cycles and shares her own life experiences that allowed her to heal the wounds of loneliness of her childhood. Be sure to listen to the end as she uncovers the best way to attract a loving partner and begin living your happily ever after.