It's time!! Time for you to finally live from and realize your very own rock star status. In this episode, Goldyn shares real tips that you can follow to let go of low self-confidence and begin living from your power and truth. She gives examples of what it means to live in your rock star status and how to initiate a closer bond to feel the true value of your gifts and talents. This episode is one you may want to listen to again and again to connect with the power you have to create from who you truly are. It's time to let go of the ways that you hold yourself back and no longer live from energies and beliefs that are so much less than your greatest potential. When you take in this show, allow the transference of energy to awaken within you so life can begin to show you just how incredible you are. #rockstar #manifestation #manifest #manifesting #selfimprovement #personaldevelopment #loa #lawofattraction #manifestingabundance #livingyourdream #livingyourtruth