This episode will help you to dive deep into your core emotional code. Goldyn defines your emotional code as the tendency you have that drives your emotions. Your emotions are energy in motion that are driven by the beliefs you hold deep within. Many of your codes were created by others and by the experiences you had that created your navigation patterns. When you can acknowledge the beliefs that do not align with what you are looking to manifest, you can begin to let go of the ones that are blocking your dream life. By looking at how you were labeled and no longer accepting those as your core definition of yourself, you become much more powerful in the manifesting world. By shifting what you believe about yourself, you can shift what happens in the energetic world you live in and have more say in what is created moving forward. #loa #lawofattraction #manifestation #emotions #emotional #beliefs #manifestingabundance #healtrauma #trusttheprocess #journal #meditate