This is a short episode that packs a serious punch. Learn the foundations of fear and how to dissipate it when it comes into your awareness. Goldyn shares real-life examples of fear and how to begin facing your fears so you can start living from faith. She shares ways to let go of fear and an understanding of what these fears may be creating for you. Once you acknowledge your fears, you can deal with them and start tuning into solution mode. Fears are false evidence appearing real, and when we try to ignore them, they tend to get bigger and more powerful. If you want to live a life of faith, you must look fear in the face and do things that call you out of your comfort zone. The only way you will truly know your power is if you have ways to exercise that power, not by staying safe and the same. Goldyn also shares ways to heal from wounds that may be driving the fear and how to tap into Higher Consciousness where fears cannot reside. This is a must-listen-to episode, and more than once would be even better! #fearless #faith #frequency #manifestation #manifestabundance #lawofattraction #facingfears #meditate #higherconsciousness #createyourlife