This episode takes a deep dive into the idea of detachment. You will learn how to move away from those signals you are sending that are not bringing you what you want to create. Goldyn breaks down the process of how you become attached to things and often sends a signal that keeps you in a low level of misery. By always living in your problems and desperately trying things to try to solve your problems you are only sending the signal of problem energy. In order to stop creating what you don't want you must suspend your tendency to wrap things in the energy of creating what you do not want. Whenever you are struggling to manifest something it's because you have a belief that blocks you from creating it. Looking at your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you can see exactly what you need to clean up in order to manifest the life you love! To save your spot in the next 21-Day Abundance Activation email Goldyn at livelifegoldyn@gmail asap! To order Goldyn's book that shares the process of creating you can go here #universallaw #unblocking #loa #lawofattraction #manifestation #beliefs #thoughts #beliefsystems #manifestingabundance #abundance #makemoney #createreality #createyourlife #meditate #mindfulness