Join Goldyn in the epic show on how to create more time. Goldyn breaks down what time is and how we can actually create more of it by how we value, respect, and feel about it. Our time is something we must take our power back on if we are going to live, healthy, prosperous, and abundant lives. Because we have so many things that can steal our time and devalue it we must become more mindful of the ways we are using it. Goldyn shares her 7 tips for creating a better relationship with time so you can start to feel the ease and flow of time in its perfection. This show will give you so much to consider and can actually have a dramatic effect on the way you live your life and treat your time. The website to send a free card is www. To join Goldyn's 21 Day Abundance Activation starting April 22, 2023, email her at livelifegoldyn@gmail to save your spot. Space is limited. Here is the link to her books: Mindful Manifestation Secrets :