In this episode, Goldyn shares what may happen when we are dealing with intense emotions like rage and anger. She uses her real-life examples to teach and share awarenesses that can help you to gain your power back over your emotional field. Since emotions are a manifestation Goldyn gives you real steps you can take to gain a handle on them before you find yourself out of control and damaging situations further. By practicing mind training, and gaining control over your thoughts and feelings, you place yourself in a much more positive place for manifesting. Because emotions are energy in motion it's important to recognize what thoughts charge up your emotions and become mindful of what emotions you may have an addiction to. You can purchase Goldyn's books on Amazon: Mindful Manifestation Secrets Daily Guide and Journal, Mindful Manifestation Secrets, and Quantum Speak For Parents. #loa #lawofattraction #manifestation #emotional #emotions #journal #meditate #meditation #mindfulness #powerful #power #manifesting