When it comes to manifesting it is easy for us to lose faith. Because things don't always happen in our timing we can feel frustrated and impatient. Those energies actually block our field of potential and keep us from experiencing life powerfully creating. Goldyn shares her philosophies and beliefs that may just open you up to new considerations. One profound concept she shares is that God/Universe isn't actually playing puppet with your life. Because you have a say in what manifests by what you think and how you believe, you have a lot of power to plant seeds in your field of potential that you want to come to fruition. When you fully understand that you are in a Co-Creative Partnership you can begin watching the energy and following it to the most optimal outcomes. When you grasp the concept that you an expression of the God/Universal Force and life is being experienced through you, you can begin living a much more freer and enjoyable unfolding of the journey that connects you with your expansion and growth. #loa #lawofattraction #manifestingabundance #manifestation #universallaw #manifestyourdesire #meditate #manifesting